Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why am I doing this?

I've decided, yet again that I am going to start training to run a marathon. I guess I could start with a few reasons as to why I am going to attempt this goal, again:

  • Completing a marathon has been a life goal of mine for quite some time. Ever since I volunteered at the finish line of the NYC Marathon as an EMT with the Central Park Medical Unit, I realized that this was something that I wanted to do at some point in my life. Seeing regular people persevere and rise to the personal challenge was so inspiring that it continues to practically make tears well up in my eyes, even years after the experience.
  • I've allowed myself to get WAY out of shape, and creating a tangible goal for myself will motivate me to push myself harder - and have the satisfaction of working towards a goal. My level of physical fitness has declined to the point that I feel I need to do this now - or I will get to a point where this goal may become unattainable.
  • I've fallen into a bit of a personal slump - and decided that taking on this challenge will give me something to work towards. It's too easy to come back from a day of work and vegetate in front of the TV or the computer. This will give some structure to my life, and make it easier to get out of the house.
  • My brother has taken up running, has sucessfully completed a half-marathon, and is about to run a marathon. I would love to have the opportunity to run with him at some point.
I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes on - and will continue to post them as I think of them.

So here's the deal - I am 31 years old, 6'1 tall and weigh about 270 lbs. In my running heydey, at my peak of personal fitness, I weighed about 225 - so I realize that I've got a lot of work to do. I also know that once I start running, my diet will improve dramatically (it always does), so coupled with the exercise, weight loss is inevitable. I am not setting any weight loss targets for myself at this time, but will continue to monitor and report.

I am hoping to run the Lehigh Valley Half-Marathon this spring, and use it as a midway point in my training for a marathon. I haven't decided for sure yet, but I would like to consider running the New York Marathon in 2007.

I came across this book, The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer, which I'm hoping to use as my primary training guide throughout this process. If for nothing else, the book has gotten me to believe once again that this is something that I can actually do.

I realize that my weight puts me at significant risk for impact injuries (i.e. stress fractures, shin splints) - which continues to be a concern for me. I hope to monitor this as time goes on, and be very proactive about treating these things if they happen.

The first step in this process is to get myself to a point where I can run at a moderate speed for 30 minutes continuously. To do this, I am employing a 10 week pre-training program that will get me to that goal. Once that happens, I'll be prepared to start training for the marathon.

Anyway - I hope to use this blog as a training record, a way to help keep track of my progress, and a way to inspire myself and others as I work towards this goal.

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