Saturday, December 16, 2006

Recap: Week 3

Well, I guess my injury wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I started to feel better within a couple of days of hurting my foot - most of the pain is gone by now, but I still feel pain if I press directly on a couple of spots.

The good news is that it doesn't seem to hurt at all while running, so I got back to it. My goal for this week was to run 3 times for 45 minutes, at a pace of 13 - 16 min/miles. I've done two so far, and have the third planned for tomorrow morning.

I did both runs on a treadmill, and would walk for one lap (at a pace of about 4.1 miles/hour), then run for 1 lap (at a pace of about 4.5 miles/hour). It's not supposed to be taxing, and I think I'm doing well. I'm still experiencing some tightness in my calves, but it seems to get better as the run progresses.

Week 4 is going to be the same as Week 3, except that I'll do this 4 times next week. Here's my running log for the week so far:


Time: 43 min
Distance: 3 miles
Comments: Treadmill - foot felt good - didnt hurt at all. Still hurts when i walk barefoot.


Time: 42 min
Distance: 3 miles
Comments: Walked 1 lap (4.1 mph), ran 1 lap (4.5 mph). Felt good, felt like I could do more.


Did a nice leisurely stroll around the park. Didn't really check times or mileage, but would estimate to be about 3 miles. Was planning to have another run this evening, but procrastinated. Will catch up with the third run tomorrow morning.

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