Thursday, January 4, 2007

Recap: Week 6

Things are moving along nicely. This week, I am running intervals of 10 minute run / 5 minute walk, 2 repetitions. So far, so good.

I ran outdoors this week for the first time - I don't think that I was prepared for it (and didn't have the right clothing) - so it wasn't a terribly pleasant experience. I think I'm going to hang out on the treadmills for a while longer, until the weather is consistently above 50 degrees, or I get some cold weather running clothes.

I also purchased the nike+ for the ipod nano. So far it looks like a pretty cool little tool - I guess I'll be using it more often when I'm able to run outdoors (I'm told it doesn't work all that well while on a treadmill).

I did my third run of the week on Sunday. I don't think I had enough fluid in me - because my legs started to cramp up once I started the second interval of 10 minute run...but I ran through it, and felt good when it was over.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my progress - hopefully, in another 3-4 weeks, I'll start the next phase of my 1/2 marathon training. Sometimes I really wonder if I'll be able to do this...i mean, if I'm struggling to get through 2.5 miles in 30 minutes - I wonder if I'll make it to 13.1 - but I'm worlds away from where I was when I started, and I'm sure that things will continue to improve as I keep to the process.

For now - 3 things to think about:

  1. Stay injury free. Make sure that I keep stretching, and be mindful of anything that hurts
  2. Get enough water - I realize that my runs are SO much better when I'm properly hydrated.

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Brother Avi said...


Muscle cramps can be caused by lack of water and lack of salt.

It may be helpful to try to drink an elctrolyte drink that has potassium, magnesium, and calcium (does powerade have these?) before or during running.

The cramps may also pass as your muscles become more conditioned.