Monday, January 22, 2007

Recap: Week 8

This pre-training program is starting to come to an end...only two weeks left! I feel like I've made a great amount of progress - and have really strengthened my body in preparation for the real training program. I can feel the most improvement in my calves, shins and quadriceps. I've tried to do some stretches to both strengthen my shins and stretch out my calves, and I feel like they are starting to pay off...I haven't really had any pain in either place in the last two weeks or so. Any pain that I do get in my shins, I've been icing, which also seems to help.

This week, I ran 20 min / walked 5 min / ran 10 min / walked 5 minutes, for a total distance around 3.5 miles. I did this 3 times this week, and missed the fourth run b/c I went snowboarding :) - I really felt good about my runs this week. Running for 20 minutes straight wasn't a problem at's just always hard to take those first few steps when starting to run again after a walk break. I guess I'll get used to that.

I'm no longer going to track individual runs on my blog, because they are all captured within my Nike+ website...if I find a way to link them to my blog, I will.

My goal for this week is to run 25 min / walk 5 min, repeated 4 times this week. Given the fact that this is actually LESS running than I did last week, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've started to manage my hydration a bit more aggressively during the day, and definitely feel the results in my runs. There's no doubt in my mind that being properly hydrated several hours before the run is helping me a lot.

All in all - feeling really good, and making a lot of good progress.

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