Sunday, May 17, 2009

Am back again...this time for real!

I decided to restart my blog - after several failed attempts, both at blogging and at running a marathon. Running a marathon has always been a personal goal of mine - one that seemed to continuously elude my grasp. I got inspired several times, and took up running - only to have it end in injury after several months. I think that in all of my prior attempts, I did too much, too soon.

In January of last year, I decided to start running again - and bought a treadmill for my house. My goal was to get myself up to running for 30 minutes (at any pace) without stopping. Once I accomplished that, I enrolled in the NYRR Running Classes, lead by coaches Bob and Shelly-Lynn Glover.

The difference this time was that my only goal was to run for 1 year without injury. I ran my first NYRR race in April of 2008, and finished 4 miles in 43:01. Since then, I've run numerous 4 mile, 5 mile, 5k and 10k races - and have even run 2 half-marathons. I'm down to a sub-8:00 min/mi for the 5k / 4 mi race, and am hoping to win a spot in the New York Marathon in 2009 (but have already qualified for a guaranteed spot in 2010).

In the process, I have dropped from 269 lbs (my lifetime high) to my current weight of 225 - made a bunch of new friends, and have become addicted to distance running and racing. I can't describe how much better I feel about myself - both physically and emotionally.

Just a bit of background, taking me from my last failed attempt up to the present. I am hoping to hear the results of the lottery some time in June, and hoping to find out that I have earned a coveted spot at the starting line.

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