Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fall Marathon Dilhemma

I recently found out that I didn't win a spot in the 2009 NYC Marathon via the lottery (I've heard that virtually no one from the NYC area actually does get in that way) - which means that I'm guaranteed a spot in 2010.

I'm still interested in running a marathon in 2009 - despite the training challenges, with all of the Jewish holidays falling on Sundays in the month of September. I'm debating between running the Philadelphia Marathon, or attempting to get a spot in the NYC Marathon by committing to raise money for a charity (which charity is yet TBD). Part of me wants to run NYC, and thinks that raising money is a good thing - but the other part of me just LOATHES the idea of hitting my friends and family up for money...even if it is for a good cause.

I'm going to sleep on this one for a few more days - and will post the results of my decision. If anyone happens to read my blog, and has an opinion either way - feel free to post a comment...

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