Monday, August 24, 2009

Eagerly Awaiting Cooler Weather

This summer has simply been BRUTAL. June was cool, July was rainy, then July and August came out of nowhere with EXTREME heat and humidity.

I ran the NYRR NYC Half-Marathon last weekend, which was fun - but was a grueling experience with the heat and humidity. I just did another 13.55 mile training run yesterday - and I feel like my legs are perpetually heavy.

I'm just looking forward to the cooler weather that September brings, so that I can start increasing my distances in preparation for the marathon(s). I should find out whether or not I've been accepted as an Achilles guide for the NYC Marathon in the next few weeks - so I'll know what the fall training plans will be.

Until then, I'll just keep getting out there, slogging through the miles, and putting in the time.

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