Monday, August 3, 2009

Long runs in the rain

I have frequently heard other bloggers extolling the virtues of running in the rain, but I never felt much inclined to try it myself. Due to some family commitments on Sunday, I wasn't able to do my long run early in the morning, as I normally do. We got home around noon, and I ventured into Central Park to start my run. Sure enough, it started raining within moments of me getting started. I was already here, so I figured it was too late to turn back. The next thing I knew, the sky opened up, and buckets of rain were pouring down on me.

I have to say - overall, it was a pretty pleasant experience. It was a lot more temperate than running in 85 degree temperatures, with 90 + percent humidity - and after a while, most of the park emptied out. It was pretty surreal to have the place to myself, and just run along in the dark (this was in the middle of the day, BTW) with the rain pouring over me.

I did 10 Miles (I was hoping to do 12) - and aside from some blisters on my feet, felt great. Thanks to Ansky for the tip about stuffing my sneakers with newspaper...they are already mostly dry this morning. Don't know how well my leather orthotics will fare though :)

It was a good last long run before the NYC Half Marathon, and a good start to the Philadelphia Marathon training.

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