Friday, September 25, 2009

Confirmed for TWO marathons this fall

I asked for it, and I got it.

I was just notified that I have been accepted as an Achilles Guide for a disabled athlete for the NYC Marathon - which is only 36 days away. I did some research on the athlete, and he ran just under 5 hours in 2007 - am curious to meet him and find out what his goals are for this year.

Assuming that he's planning for something similar - the pace is even slower than what I run in training - so I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish without too much trauma, and still be able to recover in time to run well in Philadelphia on Nov 22nd.

I can't believe it's all real, and finally coming together. All of this training, and all of these miles are finally bringing me to this!

I guess I'm in some real need of some coaching advice - to figure out how to best prepare for NYC and Philadelphia - and how to have a good chance of running both of them well - and enjoying them.

I have my second REALLY long run, the NYC Marathon Tuneup on Sunday. It is an 18 mile run - which is 3 loops of Central Park. I'm hopinig to find a good group, a good groove, and have fun out there...I'm also hoping that I won't be TOO sore for Yom Kippur, which starts on Sunday night.

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