Sunday, September 13, 2009

First 20 Mile training run

I achieved an important milestone in my marathon training today. I completed my first 20 mile training run. The training run was organized by the New York Flyers and sponsored by Urban Athletics, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the whole operation.

Prior to this run, the farthest I had run in training had been 14 miles. I still think of that distance as simply 1 mile farther than a half marathon. I didn't really see the marathon as something that I was truly ready for. Today, I ran a distance that was only 10k less than the full marathon, and the longest distance that I'd be running in training. I finally realized that the marathon is well within my grasp - and that with the proper training, I'll really be ready for it.

The run was hard - and long, but I felt that I really got something out of the experience, both mentally and physically. The group dynamic was great - I had people to talk to when I needed it, and was able to run alone when I wanted to. If I started to drag, there were people around to pick me up - and I was able to pick up others when I saw them lagging.

All in all, great day for a run - got to see a lot of interesting neighborhoods, got to run a new course (I was getting tired of the same old routes) and got to enjoy the company of some nice people. All in all, a great day.

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Neil Harris said...

Awesome, Joe. Looking at the map, did I assume you were under the BQE?
Excellent job.