Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Week to Go

Heading into the final days before the NYC Marathon. Time to take it easy, and trust that the training I have done to this point will carry me to the finish line. I did the last 10 miles of the marathon course today with the NY Flyers. It was a beautiful day to be out there, the guys I ran with were great, and the park was just jumping with energy as groups of marathoners were practicing the finish.

So far, the weather forecast looks great - I feel good, and am excited to get out there and do it. I have been assigned an athlete by Achilles - who is expected to be around a 5 hour finisher - so this will be a last long run before the Philadelphia Marathon for me.

I'm just wrapping up the last minute stuff, like buying some throwaway clothes for the start - figuring out what I'm going to bring with me - and making plans to get to the expo. It's a little nerve-wracking that I won't actually meet my athlete prior to the start of the race - but for now, I'll just hope for the best.

Time to relax, recover and prepare for the race.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tapering Before NYC

I completed my last long run before the NYC Marathon, which was an 18 miler in Central Park. The run went relatively well, although I didn't finish the last couple of miles as strong as I would have liked. However, 2 days later - I feel great, and am ready for a 6 miler this evening. Given the fact that Central Park is MUCH hillier than the actual marathon course, I think I'm in good shape for the NY Marathon.

I plan to run with the New York Flyers this weekend (10/18) - they will be running the last 10 miles of the NY Marathon course - which will be a good distance, as well as a good preview for me. They repeat this run the following weekend (10/25) - I'll either run that or the NYRR Marathon Kickoff 5 mile race.

I still haven't received my athlete assignment for NYC, but was told that this should happen before the expo. If not, I'll just show up at the expo and hopefully get an assignment there. NYC will be my last long run before Phila, which allows for a nice 3 week taper. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something similar to what I've done leading up to NYC so that I can keep momentum through both marathons.

In any case, I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training Burnout

With the Jewish Holidays behind me, and the NYC Marathon less than 3 weeks away, I am starting to feel the effects of what I call training burnout. Here are a couple of symptoms:

  1. I am starting to view my long runs as something I HAVE to do, as opposed to something I WANT to do. I find myself starting a run thinking, "OK, 18 to go" - that definitely makes the run take a lot longer.
  2. I find myself thinking, "I really used to enjoy running more when I didn't do as much of it".
  3. I am starting to dread marathon day. I feel sufficiently beat up on my long runs that I actually start to wonder if I can make the distance.
  4. I am starting to look forward to the marathon being OVER already - and am thinking about all the free time I'm going to have this winter for other things.
I'm sure that the experience of the marathon will put things back into perspective for me - and who knows, I may or may not run another one after this...I guess it's okay to feel this way every once in a while - perhaps a rest day today will refocus my energy on the goal that is getting closer and closer.