Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Week to Go

Heading into the final days before the NYC Marathon. Time to take it easy, and trust that the training I have done to this point will carry me to the finish line. I did the last 10 miles of the marathon course today with the NY Flyers. It was a beautiful day to be out there, the guys I ran with were great, and the park was just jumping with energy as groups of marathoners were practicing the finish.

So far, the weather forecast looks great - I feel good, and am excited to get out there and do it. I have been assigned an athlete by Achilles - who is expected to be around a 5 hour finisher - so this will be a last long run before the Philadelphia Marathon for me.

I'm just wrapping up the last minute stuff, like buying some throwaway clothes for the start - figuring out what I'm going to bring with me - and making plans to get to the expo. It's a little nerve-wracking that I won't actually meet my athlete prior to the start of the race - but for now, I'll just hope for the best.

Time to relax, recover and prepare for the race.

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