Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training Burnout

With the Jewish Holidays behind me, and the NYC Marathon less than 3 weeks away, I am starting to feel the effects of what I call training burnout. Here are a couple of symptoms:

  1. I am starting to view my long runs as something I HAVE to do, as opposed to something I WANT to do. I find myself starting a run thinking, "OK, 18 to go" - that definitely makes the run take a lot longer.
  2. I find myself thinking, "I really used to enjoy running more when I didn't do as much of it".
  3. I am starting to dread marathon day. I feel sufficiently beat up on my long runs that I actually start to wonder if I can make the distance.
  4. I am starting to look forward to the marathon being OVER already - and am thinking about all the free time I'm going to have this winter for other things.
I'm sure that the experience of the marathon will put things back into perspective for me - and who knows, I may or may not run another one after this...I guess it's okay to feel this way every once in a while - perhaps a rest day today will refocus my energy on the goal that is getting closer and closer.

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