Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kicking off the new year

Not much has happened since I posted last - spent the year end in Israel, sightseeing and visiting my brother's family. Was a really great trip, great weather - even had some time for a few runs. Did some hill running in the Samarian hills with my brother - he's way more used to the terrain than I am.

As for 2010 - here's the progress that I can report to date:

  1. I start speedwork with NYRR this week. Looking forward to getting back to that, since speedwork is not something that I typically do on my own.
  2. I joined the New York Flyers, and have been participating in their group runs once a week. It's a great way to get motivated to go out into the cold, and to run the distances that you plan to run.
  3. I signed up for a few NYRR races in January / Feb / March. I'm planning to earn my 9 + 1 Guaranteed Entry into the NYC Marathon for 2011. Not sure if I'll run it, but I definitely plan to run SOMEWHERE in the fall of 2011, and would like to have a guarantee in NYC available to me.

I am still on the fence about a spring marathon. The New York Flyers has group long runs this winter, for folks that are training for spring marathons. I plan to start running with them - and if things go well, I may sign up for a spring race somewhere.

For now, I'll start on that path, and see where things take me. My primary goal is to get as many of the 9 races out of the way as I can, and see how marathon training fits in around that.

Will keep you posted!

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