Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Personal Record: Manhattan Half Marathon

Sometimes in life you can be right for all of the wrong reasons. I set a new personal record in the Half Marathon today (1:59:38) - beating my old PR by 23 seconds. I actually felt that I ran a pretty terrible race, in part due to overtraining the last few weeks.

I increased my mileage rather drastically when I came back from vacation in January - and my legs simply have felt sluggish ever since. I showed up to the half feeling heavy, with tightness in my shins and calves for the first few miles. Despite that, I soldiered on, at a pace that was faster than I had planned to run.

The hills in the north end of the park took their toll on me, and I made up for the decrease in speed by running faster in the flats and the downhills. All in all, I ran a very inconsistent race. Arriving at Mile 12, I calculated the pace I needed to run to break 2 hours (my previous record), and just pushed it to the limit.

I should be happy with the race - after all, a PR is a PR, but I feel like I could have run the race a whole lot smarter than I did. I'm not going to dwell on today's race, I'm just going to use it as a tool for the rest of my training this year.

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