Monday, March 1, 2010

Here's to spring!!

For those of us in the NYC running community, spring cannot come soon enough! We have really been battered by old man winter these last few weeks, and between crippling snowstorms, we have had endless bouts of rain.

I'm looking out my window, gleeful for the fact that the sanitation department is out, plowing my street with a vengence. Hopefully, some of these warmer days can melt away what's left of the last snowstorm.

I'm also trying to work through what I'll call "heavy legs". Lately, no matter how many rest days I take, I just feel like I don't have any energy in my legs. They feel like blocks of concrete. I don't know whether it's my legs, or it's my head - just too much winter.

I haven't been working too hard (yes, I've been putting in the miles- just not working them too hard) - so I don't think I'll be expecting a SPECTACULAR race at the NYC Half...In either case, am looking forward to my next few races on the calendar, and some warmer weather to kick the training back up a notch.


EZEthan said...

Amen brother... those sentiments ring true everywhere, not just NYC

The Laminator said...

Thanks for your comment, Joe! Yes, I need to reprioritize so I don't burn out training for this marathon. Now I understand why many of the faster Flyer peeps don't bother training for marathons. Makes perfect sense. Take care.