Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to Speedwork....finally

After swearing that I was going to do it for weeks now, I finally got back to speedwork, joining SpeedySasquatch and the Tues night NYC Twitter Crew. We did 6 x 800 with a 90 sec RI between each. Did my intervals with Lady_Southpaw, who seemed to be about even paced with me. We finished each of the 6 within 3:50 - 4:00 range (with the first interval at 3:38, thanks to Erika, who later dropped us).

Speedwork felt great - I haven't challenged myself in that way in a long time. It wasn't the hardest effort I ever put out - but it was good for my first time back. I know it's critical to my continued improvement as a runner, as is the core work that we do after the speedwork. I just have to buckle down and stick with it.

In looking at my recent times (4M 32:04, Half Marathon: 1:56:52) and the 800's last night - plugging that into McMillan, it seems that I should be on target for a 4 hour marathon. Seems a bit daunting, considering that my last one was 4:22:00 - but the data speaks for itself.

I have renewed enthusiasm putting these recent races into the context of the marathon, and I have a framework for my goals for NYC this fall.

Thanks again to all the runners that come to the Tues night group - you are an awesome, supportive bunch - and it's great working out with all of you.


Lady Southpaw said...

Hey Joe!

Yea, last night I realized how long it had been since I did speed work too. It's amazing what a difference it makes after taking couple months off. Haha, I fooled myself into thinking I could keep up with Erika but after that first interval my juice was spent. I really credit you for pulling me through those last few! Like I told you I might've skipped the last one except that you kept going. Hurray for teamwork!

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

Hey Joe (and E)! I'm aiming for an under 4 hour marathon too this year. I know we can do it! And just because I was SLIGHTLY faster than y'all doesn't mean that I wasn't struggling too! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger....and boy does speed work make me stronger!! See you next week?

Ansky said...

I also think you can pull off a 4:00 marathon in the fall. The speedwork is they key. It's not something you can do one week then not do for 4 or 5 weeks. You gotta stick with it.

I miss the Tuesday night crew. I will most likely continue training with Coach Jeff ( but I need to find a way to get back to the social aspect of running and the after-run food.

Michelle said...

Great job Joe. I think sticking with it is so important and you did an outstanding job last night.

Speed work is so hard but with a group of friends to encourage you and help you though it, to me that makes all the difference.

I look forward to next Tuesday and hope to see you there!!!