Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I learned while earning my #7daychip

I finally hit a tipping point. My weight had increased to an unacceptable level, and I finally faced the fact that I had a problem. My eating habits had deteriorated to the point that I felt that I had no self control whatsoever. If I wanted a Slurpee, I bought a Slurpee. If I wanted candy from the gas station, I bought candy from the gas station. Fries with my meal? Sure! After all, I'm a runner, I burn calories. Why not??

After reading "The 4 hour body" I decided that I was going to stare this problem in the face, and make some serious changes. I committed myself to one week without refined sugars, processed carbs and dairy. All I was going to eat was proteins, vegetables and "slow carbs" (legumes mostly).

The first few days were MURDER. I felt like I was constantly hungry, I felt like I was constantly craving sweets, and I had no energy to speak of. My mood was pretty miserable, and I felt the impact in my workouts. I thought about giving up a number of times, and walking the aisles at the supermarket seemed pretty intolerable. One day, while paying for gas at the gas station, I walked by a rack of candy, and really contemplated throwing in the towel. I was SO HUNGRY, and wanted a fix right then and there. I didn't think I was going to make it.

But I did.

After 7 days, things started to turn around for me. The cravings subsided, I started to have more energy, and I started to come to terms with my new reality. Certain foods were just off-limits to me. I decided not to say, "I'm never having ice cream again", I preferred to say, "I'm not having ice cream TODAY" as I pass the Mr. Softee truck that was screaming my name.

I developed a taste for unsweetened coffee.

I realized that I don't need refined carbs in order to feel "satisfied".

I learned that feeling anything less than "Full" does not equal feeling "Hungry".

I have also become much more in tune with my body. I started logging my intake on, and when I felt like I was DYING yesterday afternoon, and some fruit and some nuts didn't fix the problem, I realized that I was dramatically short on my protein intake for the day. I fixed that by eating an early dinner with a large helping of lean red meat, which set me right for the remainder of the day.

Yes, I'm only 9 days into this journey, with 8 lbs lost, and plenty more to go. I'm not going to evangelize to the world about the benefits of what I've done. I'm also not going to publicly proclaim that I have transformed my life, and that this is the new me. All I'm going to say is that I'm in control of what I eat TODAY. I'll worry about tomorrow another time, and the day after that even later.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prediction Race

I got this idea from an e-mail sent out by the Morristown Running Company, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the NYC Running Tweeps crowd. Basically, a prediction race is one where you run a set distance (I'm going to propose the Central Park 4 Mi Loop that we all know and love), and give a planned finish time before you start. The runner who runs closest to their planned finish time (without wearing a watch) wins!

I think it would be a great opportunity for those that aren't gifted with speedy legs to have a chance at winning something!

I'll suggest that each runner tosses $10 into a hat, and the proceeds get divided between the top 3 finishers - then, most importantly, WE DRINK! Hell, there may even be a case of Odwalla bars in it for each of the top 3 finishers.

Leave a comment if this sounds interesting to you - and if we get enough interest - I can put together an evite for the race!