Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I learned while earning my #7daychip

I finally hit a tipping point. My weight had increased to an unacceptable level, and I finally faced the fact that I had a problem. My eating habits had deteriorated to the point that I felt that I had no self control whatsoever. If I wanted a Slurpee, I bought a Slurpee. If I wanted candy from the gas station, I bought candy from the gas station. Fries with my meal? Sure! After all, I'm a runner, I burn calories. Why not??

After reading "The 4 hour body" I decided that I was going to stare this problem in the face, and make some serious changes. I committed myself to one week without refined sugars, processed carbs and dairy. All I was going to eat was proteins, vegetables and "slow carbs" (legumes mostly).

The first few days were MURDER. I felt like I was constantly hungry, I felt like I was constantly craving sweets, and I had no energy to speak of. My mood was pretty miserable, and I felt the impact in my workouts. I thought about giving up a number of times, and walking the aisles at the supermarket seemed pretty intolerable. One day, while paying for gas at the gas station, I walked by a rack of candy, and really contemplated throwing in the towel. I was SO HUNGRY, and wanted a fix right then and there. I didn't think I was going to make it.

But I did.

After 7 days, things started to turn around for me. The cravings subsided, I started to have more energy, and I started to come to terms with my new reality. Certain foods were just off-limits to me. I decided not to say, "I'm never having ice cream again", I preferred to say, "I'm not having ice cream TODAY" as I pass the Mr. Softee truck that was screaming my name.

I developed a taste for unsweetened coffee.

I realized that I don't need refined carbs in order to feel "satisfied".

I learned that feeling anything less than "Full" does not equal feeling "Hungry".

I have also become much more in tune with my body. I started logging my intake on, and when I felt like I was DYING yesterday afternoon, and some fruit and some nuts didn't fix the problem, I realized that I was dramatically short on my protein intake for the day. I fixed that by eating an early dinner with a large helping of lean red meat, which set me right for the remainder of the day.

Yes, I'm only 9 days into this journey, with 8 lbs lost, and plenty more to go. I'm not going to evangelize to the world about the benefits of what I've done. I'm also not going to publicly proclaim that I have transformed my life, and that this is the new me. All I'm going to say is that I'm in control of what I eat TODAY. I'll worry about tomorrow another time, and the day after that even later.


Neil Harris said...

Sounds cool. Maybe I'll try it if WW doesn't work out (I am giving myself 12 weeks on the program). I bought a piece of fried chicken the other night but didn't eat it. I knew I was changing when I opted not to buy a Receese's at the store and grab an apple instead. Total reality check.

Brother A said...

Good luck, bro. 8 pounds in 9 days seems like a lot. I don't know very much about this diet but I hope that you manage to keep it off.

I think that the idea of coffee without sugar is a good one and in the long run can impact my health. I usually drink black coffee (turkish) with sugar, but espresso without. If I like the taste of espresso without sugar, no reason to add sugar to most of the coffee that I drink.

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Definitely a role model for me as I contemplate my similar situation. Good luck sticking with it...