Monday, August 15, 2011

Year of Recovery: Over. Year of AssKickin: Begin!

Haven't posted in a while, but I haven't had much of substance to really post about, until now. On Friday, we welcomed out second child into the world - I am still amazed by the miracle of childbirth, and truly overwhelmed by the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I am so grateful for my wife, my two kids, and everything else in life that I have been blessed with.

On to matters training / performance related. I have been living the healthy lifestyle for about 1 month now, and have lost almost 20 lbs. I have been on a modified Paleo diet, but the key takeaways are that I have completely eliminated processed carbs and refined sugar from my diet, and have greatly reduced my intake of dairy. The changes are notable, to say the least, but above all - I FEEL healthy. My body is so much more responsive to tuning and tweaking via nutrition, and my running performance has really blossomed.

On that note, the combination of the cooler temps and my lighter weight have resulted in some really satisfying runs lately. I am feeling really good about where I am at the moment, training-wise - and am looking forward to bringing on the intensity of marathon training. I feel like each year, I've had something to handicap my marathon training: in 2009, it was being a first-timer (if you can count that as a handicap). In 2010, it was my cardiac drama (read my posts from July - November 2010). In 2011, my training will be a great case study in the effects of sleep deprivation on training performance (see the first paragraph about my newborn). I don't want to think that I'm pre-loading my training with excuses, but I'm going to work my training plan to the best of my ability, and see where it takes me.

Above all else, I can't adequately express my gratitude to my wife. SHE PRODUCED A MANCHILD FOR ME!! But she's also super-supportive of my passions (addictions) and does what she can to enable me, support me, and cheer for me. I couldn't ask for more in a spouse.

Finally, I'll leave you with a picture of the man-child - which is a little reminder to myself what life is really all about...


Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

Aw! Beautiful baby! Congrats! And here's to a great 2011 marathon!

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

Aw! What a beautiful baby! Congrats! And here's to a great 2011 marathon!