Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thoughts on "resolvers"

I have seen a lot of blog posts, Facebook posts, blog entries and tweets talking about the "resolvers" - folks that make New Years resolutions to get in shape.  These folks pack the gym for the month of January, and as one Facebook commenter said, "most are gone by President's day".  I had a response to that post, which I thought I would expand into a blog post of my own.

EVERYONE, and I don't care who you are, how fast you run, whether you are a Boston Qualifier, Marathon Maniac, 50 Stater or Ironman - all of you started SOMEWHERE.  You had a "first run".  Maybe your story isn't like mine, but mine started with a New Years Resolution, around 50 lbs of excess weight and a desire to improve my life.  My running journey [still a work in progress] has brought me weight loss, countless half marathons, 5 marathons and the satisfaction of chasing down and earning PR's as I go along.  I accomplished these things with a lot of sweat, hard work and commitment - but also relied heavily on the encouragement, cameraderie and support I received from countless "running friends".  We are training partners, we travel to races together, we entertain each other on long runs, and serve as "accountabilibuddies" for those early morning runs when it's dark and cold outside.

Next time you [and I'm guilty of this too] go to the gym and get pissed at the "resolvers" because they grabbed all of the treadmills and you have intervals/tempo/long runs to do, think about doing what you can to encourage the resolvers.  You never know, the fat guy on the treadmill this morning may wind up BQ'ing with you some day.


Dave B (@BuckyKatt) said...

Joe, I agree with what you say about criticizing "resolvers"; almost all of us have had our problems with trying to make life changes & coming up short.

Like you, I've also gotten a bit frustrated with the crowding in gyms, etc. it can create. The frustrating thing about "resolvers" is many people are trying to make the same resolutions (losing weight, getting fit) all at the same time.

If I could tell "resolvers" one thing, it would be: there's nothing magical about New Year's Day. You can start to make changes in your life any day, any time of year. (I personally find the new year to be a pretty meaningless marker. More important occasions for me to make fitness- or weight-loss changes are my birthday, or in Spring, when I begin to panic that I will look like a bloated, pale, beached whale when shorts-and-tshirt season arrives. ;-)

Ryan Knapp said...

What frustrates me about resolvers are a large majority wait until January 1 to do anything and then slack the rest of the year. Maybe they had the thought of running in their head in October, but they said 'nope, I'll wait until January 1 to make a difference'

If you want to make a change in your life take a stand and do it on March 25 or July 6. Don't wait until once a year to try to make yourself better.