Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Goals

Now that March has arrived, it's time to start thinking ahead and mapping out some of the rest of the year.  I took a quick look at my 2011 recap post, and started to think about the goals that I had in mind for this year.  Here's what I've got so far:

  1. Progress against goals:  So far, I picked off one of the goals already, a sub 32 minute 4 miler.  I hit that at the NYRR Gridiron Classic. Hoping to continue the PR trend with the Coogan's 5k on Sunday.  My course PR for Coogan's is 25 minutes - would be delighted to see that one fall.
  2. Progress against plans:  I have signed up for the Red Bank Olympic Tri and the LI Half Marathon as my spring goal races. Given that this is my first Tri, my only goal is to have fun, and learn as much as I can.  I haven't set a time goal for the LI Half yet, but based on what I've seen so far in training, I think that a big PR is within the realm of possibility.
  3. New Equipment:  Given that I have committed to one tri (and possibly another, more on that later), I finally took the plunge and bought a road bike.  I had to get past the sticker shock associated with cycling (especially as compared to running, where your big investment is a pair of shoes).  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I look forward to getting out for a ride, and starting to come up to speed on that.
  4. Upcoming Races: I signed up for a sprinking of NYRR races (mostly ones that have kid's races) - still planning to get my 9+1 this year, in case I want to run the marathon in 2013.  I have another big goal in July, but I'm still holding back on pulling the trigger on that one.  Should be able to commit to that in the next week or so, but I'm 90% of the way there.  I'm planning to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon as my fall goal race, and have already signed up for the Brooklyn Marathon as my "fun race".  Still uncertain as to whether or not I'm going to use my guaranteed entry for the New York City Marathon - that probably depends on whether or not I make it into MCM.
As far as my training, the multisport approach continues to work for me.  I am thinking about investing in some swim lessons, because I don't feel happy with where I am at the moment.  Will see where that goes.  Since the majority of my cycling training has been on the spin bike, I'm sure I'll have a better sense of where my training is when I get out on the road.

As far as nutrition, I'm not where I need to be - but plans are in the works to change that.  It's amazing how quickly good eating habits unravel when you lose focus, and how hard it is to put the structure back in place.

All in all, things are running according to plan - and I'm feeling optimistic about where the spring will take me!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting, and love your goals! 5k PR is sure to fall on Sunday. Hope to join you for a bike ride soon...

DP_Turtle said...

Great goals, Joe. Keep your head in your training and you will have a blow-out year!

Marine Corps is a fantastic marathon. The course is a little challenging in spots, but it's beautiful and inspiring.

What is "9+1"?

Joe Herman said...

DP: 9+1 means running 9 NYRR races, plus volunteering at 1 in order to get guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon. I have run NYC 3 times already, uncertain whether I want to run it any more times...