Friday, May 11, 2012

One spring goal down, one to go

Reflecting back on my goals for 2012, my spring goal race was a half marathon.  My objective at the time was to break 1:50:00 (which would represent a 5+ minute PR for me). The Long Island Half marathon was to be my goal race.

Unexpectedly, I was given a last minute opportunity to run the NYC Half, which is a race I had run several years ago, but haven't run since.  It's a huge race, but the second half of the course is net downhill.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  Sparing you from having to read through an exhaustive race report, I had a great race, and achieved my spring half goal with a 1:48:59 finish (thanks in part to the huge boost I received from Abbe in mile 12).  Needless to say, I was thrilled with my time, and went into Long Island with the stretch goal of breaking 1:45:00.

Due to some GI Issues early on in the race, and an unexpectedly humid morning, by Mile 3 I knew that 1:45:00 wasn't happening.  I settled in for the long haul, and hope to at least beat my time from NYC.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hydration right, and was fighting back the urge to vomit.  By mile 8, I stepped off the course, actually hoping to be able to puke and get back to it.  A runner passed by, and encouraged me to get back and start running.  I did, and eventually felt better.

The race was long and the scenery was nothing spectacular.  Without music (another conscious decision), I had little to take my mind out of the race.  I slogged it through the miles, and worked to the very end.  In mile 12, we re-enter a park (where we started) and go on a long, meandering path to the finish.  I recalled looking ahead, tracing the curves with my eyes, in utter disbelief that people SO FAR AHEAD of me were still running.  The finish line was nowhere to be seen.  I pushed and I pushed, until FINALLY mile 13 arrived.  I put the hammer down, and sprinted the .1 miles to the finish.

Looking at my watch, I realized that I had broken 1:50:00, but still came in 35 seconds slower than NYC, on what was supposed to be an easier course.  I realized that due to the humidity and my initial discomfort, I really pushed a lot harder in Long Island than I did in NYC several weeks before.  I'm a lot happier with the effort I put in at Long Island, even if the results weren't there....

Next up: My first triathlon, the Olympic Distance Red Bank Triathlon with Matt and Scott.  Goal is to finish, have fun, and learn as much as I can as I prep for my first 70.3, the Rev3 Maine Triathlon.

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Katie Duffy said...

Have fun!!! I started tris last year after being sidelined from running injuries the year before. I think they are so much more fun than a running race could ever be; it's a totally different environment. That said, I thought about Rev3 Maine too, but I was dissuaded by the fact that the water is going to be FREEZING! Be sure to have a full-sleeve wetsuit that you practice in a lot!