Friday, September 7, 2012

Because I never learn

I knew this wasn't going to last for long.  I had said to myself (and my blog) honestly that I was done racing for the year, and wasn't going to do a fall marathon.  Then, a few weeks later, NYRR reversed their original decision to end baggage service, and I found myself nostalgic for the marathon.

Yes, I ran NYC in 6 hours 2 years ago - shortly after heart surgery.  It was a sufferfest, but I got a medal, and would like to think that I'm a better person for having stood up to the challenge and getting it done.  I have another heart procedure scheduled for September 24th, and part of me is stubbornly refusing to let that define my reality.  Inspired by my friend Allen - who also took a run/walk marathon with a camera - I decided not to let my entry go to waste.

Partly motivated by the fact that I haven't worked out once in the last 2 weeks (since my Half Ironman), and by the fact that I'm already qualified for NYCM 2013 (if I choose to run it), I decided not to let my entry go to waste.

I'm not going to be fast, I may not even finish (I'm not going to die trying) - but maybe, just maybe, I'll put on my number on November 4th, make my way to the foot of the Verazanno Bridge, and enjoy a tour of the 5 boroughs with 45,000 other runners.

What do you think?

Monday, September 3, 2012

What now?

Coming off of the high of having completed my first half iron distance triathlon, I'm confronted with a huge feeling of post-race blues.  The finish was a bitersweet end to my training season.  Frought with challenges as it was, I'm really pleased with what I was able to accomplish out there.  Since then, I haven't worked out once in the 8 days since the event, and am feeling completely unmotivated.

I had originally planned to roll from the 70.3 straight into fall marathon training, but I had to abandon those plans for a number of reasons.  Between my heart, the impending move, the fall holidays and other factors, I just couldn't see myself committing to the fall races the way I needed to.

I know it's all for the best - but I'm having post-race blues harder than I think I ever have before.  It's really sad not to be training for a fall goal race for the first time since 2008.  I just need to find a way to get myself back to doing SOMETHING - so that I don't lose everything that I have gained.  It's also really tough to read about everyone hitting their long runs, tempo runs and speedwork, and easing into the intense period of training leading up to the marathon.

Really struggling with what my next goal(s) should be, thinking about a half in the spring of 2013, and an early season 70.3 in June or something.  I just need to refocus my sights on the next goal, which will make it easier for me to stay engaged in the interim.

Any suggestions?