Friday, September 7, 2012

Because I never learn

I knew this wasn't going to last for long.  I had said to myself (and my blog) honestly that I was done racing for the year, and wasn't going to do a fall marathon.  Then, a few weeks later, NYRR reversed their original decision to end baggage service, and I found myself nostalgic for the marathon.

Yes, I ran NYC in 6 hours 2 years ago - shortly after heart surgery.  It was a sufferfest, but I got a medal, and would like to think that I'm a better person for having stood up to the challenge and getting it done.  I have another heart procedure scheduled for September 24th, and part of me is stubbornly refusing to let that define my reality.  Inspired by my friend Allen - who also took a run/walk marathon with a camera - I decided not to let my entry go to waste.

Partly motivated by the fact that I haven't worked out once in the last 2 weeks (since my Half Ironman), and by the fact that I'm already qualified for NYCM 2013 (if I choose to run it), I decided not to let my entry go to waste.

I'm not going to be fast, I may not even finish (I'm not going to die trying) - but maybe, just maybe, I'll put on my number on November 4th, make my way to the foot of the Verazanno Bridge, and enjoy a tour of the 5 boroughs with 45,000 other runners.

What do you think?

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