Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts on the latest email from NYRR

NYRR recently sent an email to the registrants of the cancelled 2012 New York Marathon asking for some time before responding to the questions that many of us are left with.  My thoughts on their latest communication (and the situation in general):

"Please know that our priority is to address your concerns," the e-mail read. "We ask that you give us a little time to work out the details and make thoughtful decisions. We are very grateful for your continued patience."

  1. Your priority is not, has not, and will never be "to answer our concerns".  NYRR's priority in recent years has been how to capitalize on the imbalance between supply and demand for race spots to most directly benefit NYRR's stated agenda (to become a social service / activism organization dedicated to getting more people active and into running).
  2. "We ask that you give us a little time to work out the details and make thoughtful decisions" - So, we are now making thoughtful decisions?  That would be quite the paradigm shift - considering that your track record of decisions hasn't been all that thoughtful year-to-date, including: a) Cancelling bag check AFTER registration for the marathon had been completed b) Deciding to hold the 2012 marathon, having everyone come to NYC, then cancelling it THE DAY BEFORE the race.  If NYRR decides to start making thoughtful decisions now, that would be a welcome change.
I am just overwhelmed and flabbergasted by how poorly the entire situation was handled.  The marathon should have been cancelled on Tuesday, preventing people from spending time and money to travel for a race that should have never been in consideration.

I'm going to put it in perspective here:  I have my health, my home and my family.  I escaped the wrath of the weather unscathed.  There are many people with far more to worry about than a marathon.  That said, I have given NYRR my last dollar - this is just the last straw for me.  I don't wish NYRR any ill will.  There are plenty of people that want to run the New York City Marathon, and it's obvious that they won't miss my patronage.  That said, I'm going to look for a different avenue to support (like NYCRuns), and happily relinquish my place in line to someone that wants it more than I do.

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