Thursday, July 18, 2013

Syncing your Garmin using an Android Phone

Many runners (myself included) are data obsessed - and I often find myself wanting to look at data from a run right away, even before I can bet back to my home computer (I can't install software on my work laptop) to sync with my Garmin and upload the data to Garmin Connect or the website of my choice.

I learned that there is a way to use an Android phone to pull data from a Garmin and sync it to the web, and several runner friends have asked about it - so here's the tutorial.  Your mileage may vary:

Step 1 - Get a micro USB male to USB female adapter.  These can be found for less than $10 at your local computer store (I got mine from MicroCenter), but they are also available on Amazon.

Step 2 - Download the ANT+ USB Service and ANT+ Plugins (free) for your Android phone from the Play Store

Step 3 - Download Uploader for Gamrin Connect (free trial, but full version costs $, but not much) for your Android phone from the Play store

Once you have downloaded and installed everything that you need, you should be able to plug the adapter into your phone, attach the ANT+ stick to the adapter, launch Uploader for Garmin Connect on your phone, and pair your Garmin to your phone.

Once you pull data from your Garmin, you can post it to Garmin Connect, Facebook, Endomondo and a bunch of other sites.

Optional:  Download Garmin Connect Mobile (free) if you'd like to view your Garmin Connect data via your cellphone.

I'll add screenshots and more detail if there is interest - just wanted to get something quick and dirty out there so that people can try this if they are so inclined.  Post feedback to let me know how you make out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Open letter to the running community - a.k.a working my way back

Hey guys...

Hoping I can tap in to some positive energy from the awesome folks of the virtual running community.  I'm recently back to running after an extended layoff due to heart issues.  I had heart surgery back in April, and am finally recovered to the point where I have been running short distances several times a week.

My heart is still bearing some residual effects of the procedure, like a new resting heart rate of 80, where it used to be 56.  My mid section is also bearing some residual effects (due to bad food choices and a prolonged period of inactivity), but I'm sure that will self-correct as I start piling on the miles.

I'm just finding that running isn't nearly as much fun as it was when I was in shape.  Huffing and puffing my way through 3 - 4 miles is nothing like the workouts I used to do while training for the half ironman.  The idea of knocking out a solid 8 mile tempo the day after a hard hilly ride or a spin class is squarely in the rear view mirror...

I'm signed up for NYCM - it's my 6th marathon, my 4th NYC - and right now, my only goal is to finish - but the way my runs have been going lately, it just feels like the next 20 weeks are going to be GRUELING.

If any of you have experienced a similar time away from running, I'd love to hear how your brought yourself back...